ClueQuest Treasure Hunt

ClueQuest takes your team on a fun and thought-provoking team building treasure hunt through a museum in your area. The adventure starts right away as teams compete for the best team cheer to get the rivalry started and the adrenaline pumping. Then you’re off to explore the museum or science center.

The first team building challenge is to figure out where to go first. Can you unlock the mysterious museum location by translating the hieroglyphics? Can you figure out the trick to deciphering the secret spy code? Don’t worry- we’ll give you tips to get started. Once you discover the location, you’ve got a mystery or a riddle to solve by examining the artifact.

Just past the T-Rex fossils
Turn left at the mummy
15 paces from the moon rock.
What’s the mystery to solve here?

This high-energy activity requires tactical planning, team cooperation and quick thinking, not to mention an eye for detail. Make it back to home base to see who wins, but don’t be late or there’s a penalty! Share your experiences, funny stories, and hilarious team poems about your day. 

Program Highlights:

  • Explore your local museum or science center to solve clues and answer     mysteries.
  • Enjoy a fun and competitive team building event.
  • Increase team dynamics, motivation, trust, and communication by            working together in a new and exciting environment.