Team Building Activities in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC - Team Building Activities
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Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful city for a team building activity, and as often as you visit downtown, you probably didn't notice the details and history that makes up the city! Team Builders Plus prides ourselves on utilizing those details to enrich our team building activities for you whether you are experiencing a treasure hunt in downtown Charlotte or a fun experience at the North Carolina Zoo.

The smartphone won’t make the course that easy for you. The units will get you close to your destination but they won’t take you right to it. You will need to rely on brainpower and teamwork if you want to find the hidden clues. If you’d like a team building experience that allows you to explore Charlotte, NC, you’ll love ScavengerQuest. Wander through the streets of downtown Charlotte in search of clues with hand-held GPS units. Teams of three to five people use their smartphones to find hidden clues. 

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Or take a walk on the wild side and discover the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro where we designed two team building activities for you. ZooQuest is our three-hour treasure hunt where your team will race to uncover hidden clues in the zoo’s exhibit areas.

Much like GeoQuest, ZooQuest will use GPS  units, but you will need to work together to find the clues among the many exhibits within the zoo.

Spend all day at the zoo and journey deep into the heart of 1912 Africa without ever having to the leave the zoo’s conference room with Jungle Adventure. This fast-paced team building activity will help build communication, collaboration and teamwork as you save endangered gorillas from the evil poachers. Don’t be fooled by the idea of an indoor team building activity. You won’t be sitting comfortable at tables for too long. Jungle Adventure will have you up and moving around the room during this high-energy activity.