Build-a- Raft

Build-a-Raft challenges your team to build a fleet watercraft out of some strange materials… and then race them across a shallow lake or hotel pool.  We’ll start with some warm up activities to build team dynamics and get the competitive spirit flowing. Then we’ll give each team some cardboard, pool noodles, plastic sheeting, and duct tape and see what they come up with.  Teams will have time for planning and construction before they present their craft to brag about its features and their team’s impending prowess in the water. Then we’re off to the races in a series of heats where craft race two by two in an elimination event until a final winner emerges soaringly victorious. It takes an entire team to plan, build, captain, and launch these unique watercraft.  

Choose one team member to pilot the vessel, then launch your captain to sail or sink while everybody wildly cheers you on. Rotate your captains through the heats, or stay dry and cheer like crazy, as the boats cross the finish line. End your day with an awards ceremony for the winners.

 There’s action for everyone, even if you have people who don’t want to be wet, though most people will want a chance to captain the ship.  Wet or dry, this is a hilarious event that will draw people together and be a bonding experience they’re not likely to forget.   

    Program highlights
  1. Competitive activities get the energy flowing
  2. Teams plan, build, and present their watercraft
  3. Teams race their watercraft in a series of heats to find a winner
  4. Celebrate your success with an awards ceremony
  5. We have your safety in mind throughout this event.
  6. Lifeguard on duty
  7. Ship captains must wear life jackets
  8. Lake races take place along the shoreline to keep depths shallow