Team Building Activities in Boston, MA

Team Building Activities in Boston, MA

Team Building activities in Boston Massachusetts

What better place for shared team experience and trust building than the historic city of Boston, MA. Venture to the Boston Museum of Science and explore the exhibits with our Ultimate Race team building activity. Wander through the streets of Boston and the Freedom Trail as you search for clues and solve riddles. Save the galaxy (at a conference center of your choosing…bet you didn’t know you could save the whole galaxy in the comfort of a hotel meeting room?).

Boston Massachusetts Team BuildingIf you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, check out the ScavengerQuest Treasure Hunt. Discover well-known (and little known) sites in Boston as you search for clues at sites such as Boston Common Park, Chinatown and 5 Wits. Smartphones guide your participants in teams of four to six. You’ll have to work together to find answers and earn points. You’ll learn as many surprising things about each other as you will about this beautiful city.

If you’d like to head indoors for you team building exercise, you may wish to save the galaxy with our Intergalactic Adventure activity at the Museum of Science. This event requires effective planning, quick thinking, a collaborative spirit, and most of all, a sense of adventure! This fast-paced activity is sure to leave people laughing and learning. Can your group work together to achieve optimal success? We’ll see!

Or, if you prefer, you can participate in our ClueQuest activity that will turn you into Sherlock Holmes for the day. After solving puzzles and clues written in Morse Code and Braille, your teams will set out to search the museum for clues on this high-energy, three-hour treasure hunt. The riddles are mind-boggling, but keep your head – it's a race against the clock if you want to come out on top! Do you and your teammates have what it takes to put your heads together and solve puzzles like you've never seen before? Now's the time to find out!