Team Building Activities in Atlanta, Georgia

Team Building Activities in Atlanta, Georgia

atlanta Georgia team building activities

If you're looking to sit around and sip some cool lemonade when you come to a Team Builders Plus event in Atlanta, you might want to rethink what you pack. Known for its picturesque small town feel with big city attractions, Atlanta offers the perfect backdrop to build teamwork skills and have a little fun too. Each activity, which we designed from more than 20 years of experience working with small businesses and large corporations, requires you to work together with other co-workers and discover new and possibly hidden talents. The team building event creates the perfect foundation for building the collaborative skills that will benefit you back in the office.

Imagine searching through Centennial Olympic Park as you rush to find your next clue. A bead of sweat flows down your brow from the mid-afternoon sun and you can't wait to look for the next clue. All of a sudden you see an envelope, and you're off and running. You wave your team members over to solve a word puzzle that you don't have a clue how to solve. Yet, you remember that Sally from HR said that she does crossword puzzles every morning. You give it to her and, within seconds, she is able to solve it and point the team to the final destination. You congratulate her and promise her an ice cold sweet tea once you cross the finish line.

This collaborative effort is what Team Builders Plus is all about, and we will help your business build long-lasting team building skills that you can take with you long after your Atlanta team event comes to end. We'll have some fun, learn some new skills and strategies, and get a little exercise too. Depending on the activity, you might have to solve a riddle, dust for fingerprints to find a clue, or search for hidden treasure among lions and bears. Here is just a small sample of the activities you can find when you come to Atlanta for a Team Builders Plus event:

Atlanta Georgia Team BuildingDeep Water Adventure

If you accept this mission, just know that there might be a little danger involved. The year is 2044, and your objective is to destroy the enemy's communication's capabilities. You'll be asked to complete tasks with your fellow team members that might just include some misdirection along the way. Are you up for the challenge? Can you rely on your team and utilize each member's strengths to become successful? Set at the Georgia Aquarium and featuring futuristic music to enhance the mood, Deep Water Adventure presents the opportunity to have some fun as you break down silos, build trust, improve communication and develop team skills.

Team Building Treasure Hunts
Think of all the treasure hunt movies you've seen and the adventure books you've read. What do they have in common? All involve solving tough clues with a hero who needs the helping hand of a supportive team. The same holds true with The Ultimate Race and ScavengerQuest. You and your team members will be asked to scavenge through Centennial Park, Downtown Atlanta, and Piedmont Park to find clues and solve puzzles. You'll need to rely on one another and of course, your trusty handheld GPS devices, to make your way through this three-hour team event and reach the ultimate prize: your final destination. Remember to eat your breakfast. Who knows where The Ultimate Race or ScavengerQuest will lead you, but one thing is for certain, by the end of the day, you'll have laughed with the people you work with every day and gained a greater appreciation for the hidden, and quite possibly unusual, talents of your fellow co-workers.


This isn't just another walk in the zoo, with ZooQuest you'll be challenged by a variety of clues and riddles as you search for hidden treasure. Don't worry, you'll have some help from of your coworkers. You'll be divided into teams of four to six people and race to find the treasure with only your keen sense of cunning and a handheld GPS device at your disposal. Will you be able to work together? Will you be able to find the treasure before anyone else? We'll give you one clue: we didn't hide it in the lion's exhibit. ZooQuest presents a fun and educational opportunity to collaborate on a common mission with others in your office and explore the beautiful facilities at Zoo Atlanta.