The Amazing Race; Ready, Set, Chase!

Experience the same excitement as contestants on The Amazing Race television show…right in a city near you. Teams will race through the city, solve clues, earn points, and work through challenges that are custom-designed and tailored to your city. Teamwork, communication, speed, brain power (and good shoes) are required for this team building challenge. Does your team have what it takes to be the first to break through the finish line and claim your prize? 

Moments before the race begins, you are surrounded by your peers. Everyone is divided into teams of 3-4. As the facilitator explains the race rules, the excitement and anticipation build, as you size up your competition. You line up on the starting line.

The air horn blares and the race begins. It’s the red team against the blue or the orange team against the green. You’re racing against your co-workers and your boss to complete the challenge to receive the envelope that contains the cryptic directions to your first destination. Keep your eye on the prize, the clock, and the other teams.

Each team starts out on an even playing field, but once the race begins, its every team for themselves. Race to point one, two, three etc. Book smarts and streets smarts are required, as teams must utilize all available resources to win the race.

The Amazing Race: Ready, Set, Chase! is ideal for groups of 9 to 50 participants. Race against coworkers, other departments, or your leaders. This team building program is an ideal way for you to learn about Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Charlotte or just about any city you work in or visit while attending a corporate meeting. Everyone will have a blast during this high-energy, engaging, 3-hour team building activity.