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Gold Medal Games 

Based on the ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and good clean fun, Gold Medal Games is team building program full of hilarious exercises designed to build camaraderie among coworkers.

Wheels for the World  

charity bike build team building activity

Do you recall your first bicycle? Remember the fun, the adventure, the freedom? Wheels for the World is a team building program that offers your team the chance to pass those feelings on to a child by building and donating bikes for kids.

GeoQuest: The High-Tech
Treasure Hunt

outdoor team building treasure hunt

Teams race to solve riddles based on the famous, fascinating, or just downright bizarre local landmarks. Even if you’re a resident, you’ll see your town in a whole new light, as you discover local historical facts you never even knew existed.

Ultimate Race 

treasure hunt team building activity

Experience the adrenalin as your team races through the city, solving  clues, earning points, and working through challenges that are custom-designed and tailored to your city.

CSI: NegativeZero 

Does your team have what it takes to solve a high-profile homicide?  In the CSI: NegativeZero team building program, participants learn CSI agent crime solving skills using a combination of real and comical crime fighting techniques.

Team Challenge 

Team challenge is a fun filled team building program that puts you in the middle of exciting and mind-opening activities that will push your team to new levels of insight for reaching your greatest levels of success.

Taking Flight with DISC 

In a highly entertaining format, Taking Flight With DISC provides dozens of practical applications for how to use the behavioral styles to improve your job, your relationships, and your life.

Delivering Grins

Delivering Grins Team BuildingTeam Builders Plus is proud to exclusively partner with the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) to offer you an exciting philanthropic program, guaranteed to deliver love and care to children. 

Mini Golf Charity Classic 

Mini Golf Charity Classic, is an amazing and philanthropic way to give to those in need while having a blast & strengthening your team at the same time.

Team Chef 

Team Chef is a fast-paced, fun, team building activity that can place in just about any conference room. Teams will take part in a series of team building activities to win the ingredients to make tasty and healthy appetizers that will please the palate, fill the belly, and sharpen the mind. Bon appetite!

You Take the Cake! 

fun cake team building activity

You Take the Cake is a delicious and creative team building program for your team. Imagine sculpting a cake into an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any initiative your organization is supporting.

ClueQuest: The Indoor
Treasure Hunt

indoor team building treasure hunt

ClueQuest takes your team on a fun and thought-provoking team building  treasure hunt through a museum in your area.

Amazing Race 

Experience the same excitement as contestants on The Amazing Race television show…right in a city near you. Teams will race through the city, solve clues, earn points, and work through challenges that are custom-designed and tailored to your city.

The Zombie Treasure Hunt

Barricades and serums are not enough to hold them back any longer. We need your help. You’ll definitely scare up some fun as you race throughout the city, solve clues, answer zombie trivia, take photos and put your scavenger skills to the ultimate test. 

Intergalactic Adventure

intergalactic adventure team building activity
Intergalactic Adventure begins by informing the group that the enemy is coming and each table is tasked with destroying one of the communication satellites that reaches across the galaxy and allows them to communicate. 


smilekits charity team building activity

Participate in a memorable, philanthropic team building event and simultaneously reach out and bring joy and inspiration to someone who needs it.

The High-Tech Treasure Hunt

team building treasure hunt at the zoo

In this competitive team building treasure hunt, each team is equipped with special GPS devices to help navigate through the zoo and it's inhabitants.

Adventure Series 

Looking for a strategic team building challenge that’s also packed with team development and fun? Adventure Series team building programs set the stage for an immersive atmosphere that will push your team to its limits while trying to solve one of four exciting missions.

Team Samurai 

Get a partner, turn to face your partner, now make a fist…. Wait, this isn’t what it looks like. Shattering expectations and opening minds to new possibilities lifts you out of old habits and opens new doors.


harmonia team building program

Your Majesty, your Kingdom awaits your command. Can you balance the needs of the king with the desires of the peasants? Brace thyself and thy team for an epic journey into the past to prepare your team for the future.

Best Team Building Activities

team building programs

Here at Team Builders Plus, we are the experts in team building for corporations, businesses and companies of all sizes. Our fun and engaging team building activities range from outdoor treasure hunts to exciting internal sessions full of learning and activity.  We also offer amazing Philanthropic Team Building Events  that bring your team together while benefiting a local charity of your choice.  Imagine a day of giving back to your community while bonding with your team, improving morale and increasing teamwork among your organization. 

Whether you want to look into a day our most popular team building activities or our team development programs we will improve the overall dynamic of your group by:

  • Sharing knowledge and resources
  • Having one common vision and mission
  • Opening up communication between departments becoming more productive
  • Thinking as one team to achieve a common goal

Please browse through our programs to determine which activity ideally fits your team, then simply click on the orange “Request a Proposal” button, and one of our Team Solution Providers will contact you within 24 hours of your request.  We look forward to providing the best team building available!

Fun Team Building Activities

team building programs

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Fun Team Building Activities