Team Building Activities - Adventure Series Programs

Team Building Activities - Adventure Series Programs

team building adventure series
Looking for a strategic team building challenge that’s also packed with team development and fun? Adventure Series team building programs set the stage for an immersive atmosphere that will push your team to its limits while trying to solve one of four exciting missions.  These motivating adventures are sure to bring out the competition… or perhaps cooperation… among teams as they race to complete the objective and win. 

Props and music keep the tone light, but get ready for some serious fun as planning, insight, and deeper thinking are needed to succeed here. Team development is stretched to new heights as groups try to balance long and short-term goals, personal vs group success, and trust vs suspicion, as they complete their missions.  


Intergalactic Adventure

Get ready to defend the Earth as malevolent aliens plan our demise. It’s up to you and your team to disrupt the alien communication arrays and prevent their attack. Plan your missions, deploy your resources, and head into space in this competitive challenge to save the planet. 

Battleship Adventure

It’s 1944. Get ready to join the Navy’s Special Forces! Your mission is to prepare the beaches for invasion in this WWII-themed strategic planning game. Interrupt the enemy’s communications and your mission might have the chance to succeed. Plan your deployment, work together, and expect the unexpected. Hold this event in your favorite conference room or… Team Builders Plus has partnerships with several real WWII battleships docked throughout the country that are willing to host you and your team on this exciting adventure.

Deepwater Adventure

The Oceanic Peace Force needs you in the year 2144.  Your goal: Get to the enemy’s underwater base, disrupt their plans and return safely (we hope!) to Neptune Submarine before your team is destroyed by the enemy’s nefarious plans. Plan your attack, manage your assets, ramp up the teamwork, and head into the deep blue in this aquatic adventure to keep our world safe.

Jungle Adventure

Head back to 1912 and don your safari hat because we need to save a colony of gorillas from poachers! Isolated deep in the African jungle, can your team work together to establish a base camp and set up observation and communication towers? Are you able to stop the poachers before the gorillas are wiped out forever? Teamwork and trust are key in helping to save these endangered animals in this fast-paced and competitive jungle challenge.  

You’ll be surprised just how much your team will learn while completing one of these fun and fast-paced challenges. Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, communication, trust, and the development of team culture are all key lessons in these exciting team building activities.

Program Highlights

  • Strategic planning games are a fun way to enhance team development.
  • An immersive atmosphere sets the stage with music, props, and    scenery.
  • Teams balance competition, cooperation, and trust as they work to achieve long- and short-term goals to complete mission objectives.