Team Development - Step Up to Accountability

Step Up to Accountability

Step up to Accountability team building program

Is lack of accountability an issue in your organization? Do co-workers in key positions get caught up in the blame game, feeling that their performance is held hostage by circumstances outside of their control?

Has Denial, Finger Pointing, Protecting Yourself, and Delay & Pray become fine art forms for escaping the stark reality of poor results?

At Team Builders Plus we see these issues every day: A sales team complaining that marketing can’t get the brochures right, marketing insisting that manufacturing isn’t designing products that the customer wants, manufacturing pointing at quality assurance for poor controls, managers who triumphantly coalesce around a central theme: “It’s senior management’s fault!” and senior executives who look at line managers with bewilderment because “they can’t get their act together.”

The Step Up to Accountability program will help team members:

  • Understand how office culture is created
  • Identify how office culture impacts productivity
  • Recognize individual behavior and its impact on morale
  • Shift from “blame-gaming” to taking collective ownership
  • Realize the impact of silos upon productivity and morale
  • Agree upon the key challenges that inhibit optimal team performance
  • Establish a Statement of Intention as a guide to shaping the environment. Commit to ground rules that will lead to success.
  • Accountability itself is a negative consequence of failure
  • They lack the ability or tools to improve their situation
  • Their problems are best solved by those higher up lack of communication from above justifies in-action
  • Meetings are an escape from personal accountability
While most feel that they are the passive recipients of culture, in truth, we co-create culture every day. Owning our individual, then collective contribution to “how things are done around here” is an important step in shaping culture to the benefit of all involved.

Additional discussions will revolve around common accountability misconceptions including that:Participants of Step Up to Accountability are guided through a step by step process that builds a comprehensive plan for achieving collective accountability: To Perceive, Commit, and Execute. Participants will collectively determine the relationship between the environment they create and the results they deliver. Participants discover how taking ownership of their environment is the key to increasing not just productivity, but morale, self satisfaction, and team spirit.

Accountability is not a consequence to be feared, but the engine to personal growth, shared results, and collective success. Step Up to Accountability will guide your team through the accountability process with a an engaging, interactive experience that will produce the blueprint for future success. 

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Client Testimonial:

“A few weeks ago, some associates from various departments of Trane San Antonio thought it would be a good idea to join a summer kickball league.   The purpose was to introduce a sense of team to the culture of our office.  Our record thus far? 0-3 for the season. But tonight, all that changed as we celebrated our first victory.

Taking what we learned from today’s Step Up to Accountability program, we met before game time and planned how we were going to, well, cover all the bases.   As we strategized, I could feel the cohesiveness begin to take shape.   When we finally walked onto the field, and we scored our first runs, it all started to come together.   WE all started to come together. Soon the points started to rack up and we felt that momentum moving us forward.  We walked away with a 10-5 win but what was not on the score sheet, was a bond that solidified us as ONE TRANE.   

On the way home I reflected on the fact that in our daily work there will be collisions, some skinned knees, and even some face plants from time to time.  But working together, lifting each other up, and creating momentum, we can’t lose.”

Denise (Ms. Face Plant)