This is an extensive website, so here are some quick tips on how to find what you're looking for. There are 3 major areas to the site: services, products, and general information that is free to the public. 

Services - All services on the site are facilitated, meaning we supply a person (or team of people) to lead the activity. These services include formal training, team building events and adventures, keynote speakers, and team building consulting. Almost all of our services are listed on the Services page, although you can find more specific listings at Training, Consulting & Speaking, Dynamic Workshops, Outdoor Adventures, and Leadership. Please note that there is overlap in some of these, as the subject of "training" is really embodied in every one of the sections. 

Products - These are products you can purchase in our online store and include team training exercises and equipment, training programs, profiles and assessments, and general trainer/facilitator resources. We have a team building bookstore in conjunction with to make it easier for you to find good team building books at the most economical prices. Some of the books (particularly those authored by us) can be purchased directly from us. If you need help selecting a product, feel free to contact us. 

General Information - This is information about team building and closely-related subjects that we provide as a free service to the public. Almost all of this work is authored by our own people and reflects many years of team building experience. Most of this information can be found in the Articles section and the Team Problem Solver. You can sometimes find additional information within the online store. It is our intent to be a valuable resource to those needing this information, contributing to our mission of spreading this information as far as possible. You are free to use what you find here. We only ask that you reference our authors and "" as your sources. Finally we maintain a Links page to connect you with meaningful team building resources.