Can Your Team Save the World? Find Out with a Zombie Scavenger Hunt

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Just in time for Halloween, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new team building activity that’s as spooky as it is exciting and fun for the whole team. The Zombie Treasure Hunt joins our family of versatile, action-packed scavenger hunt activities this fall. If your team is in need of some fun-filled time out of the office and ready to harness their creativity and problem-solving abilities, The Zombie Treasure Hunt will boost everyone’s energy and bring your team together in the spirit of friendly competition

team zombie activity

The Zombie Treasure Hunt from Team Builders Plus is a flexible activity that gathers any size group for three hours of facing down one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever meet: a horde of zombies, threatening to destroy society as we know it. Your group must race against the clock to find the cure and save your city.

Along the way, each team—in groups of three to six people—will complete fun, zany tasks that require cooperation and critical thinking. They must take photos, use an escape map and find survival kit items on their scavenger hunt, which can be adapted to any location. They’ll also hunt for zombies, encounter packs of the undead and dress each other’s battle wounds as they fight for survival. With an immersive atmosphere that includes real-time updates on the zombie invasion, The Zombie Treasure Hunt is a playful activity and a welcome break from the daily routine.

Midway through The Zombie Treasure Hunt, your group reconvenes for a zombie-battling physical challenge. They must also solve a creative challenge: to create the ultimate survival tool using only the materials that they are given. After this interlude, your teams are sent back out again for more scavenger hunt activities. Will they find the cure once and for all? Only team cooperation and creativity will save the day!

As The Zombie Treasure Hunt concludes, your group reunites for a final debriefing. Team members will share their experiences and insights with each other, exploring their reactions to the challenges and how they managed to work together. Laughter, new friendships and fond memories are guaranteed.

If you want to bring The Zombie Treasure Hunt to your city, contact Team Builders Plus to learn about this and other team challenges that fit perfectly with your organization’s team building goals.