Staff - Stew Bolno - Sr. Learning & Development Consultant

Stewart Bolno has helped executives, managers, and employees increase their level of professional effectiveness since 1984. He possesses a long history of helping sales teams improve performance.

However, his expertise enables him to consult with leaders, managers, and teams from all organizational areas. After all, these people benefit greatly by learning to appreciate the importance of their role while strengthening their influencing and people skills.

By utilizing surveys, computer software, and instrumented learning materials, his clients are able to quantitatively analyze their individual, team, or organizational situation. This assists them in building a strong foundation prior to committing to action.

This reinforces confidence and contributes to effective decision making. Stew’s long term work history demonstrates that he has "walked the talk." Early in his career, he earned executive positions with two major retail firms, Abraham & Straus and R. H. Macy. As a consultant, he conducted seminars for Xerox Learning Systems/Learning International. As a Field Manager Associate of Inscape Publishing, he is a consistent volume award winner. He has been cited with the honor of “Team Builder of the Year”, from a population of 4,000 independent Inscape Distributors.

Stew has been a Board Member of the Small Business Council of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the American Society for Training & Development. For 10 years, Stew was selected by the Wharton-University of Pennsylvania, Small Business Development Center, to design and conduct courses in the areas of Leadership, Sales, and Customer Retention.Stew has earned an M.B. A. in Management and an Ed. M. in Adult Educational Processes.

You might be surprised to know that:
Stew was the selected candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 2004.