Staff - Facilitator - Kerry Bayles

Kerry is an enthusiastic team building facilitator, who
excels at creating programs where participants are thrilled
to be involved.

She is an expert in personal learning styles and uses this insight to design and deliver programs that are dynamic and offer something for everyone.

Recently, Kerry co-created Harmonia, a teambuilding and leadership development program that allows participants to experience the challenges associated with creating a culture of success.

She also established Team Chef, which combines the challenges of team building with personal growth and delicious new recipes

As a team building facilitator, she has assisted clients to improve communication skills across existing teams, to develop healthy working relationships in newly formed teams, and to increase morale for departments and individuals.

Kerry has led team building programs across the United States for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GE, Mars, Rite Aid, Merck, The Food and Drug Administration, The Department of Homeland Security, The American Pharmaceutical Association, The Wounded Warrior Project, Universal Studios, ExxonMobil, Cytec, TD Bank, Wegman’s, and Johns Hopkins University.

As a former high school teacher and college professor, she knows how to make learning fun. She has been published by The American Institute for History Education three times.

Kerry graduated from Rutgers College as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, graduated first in her class from the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education, and was recently working on post-graduate studies at Princeton University.