About Us - Mission, Vision, Values

Our Team Building Mission, Vision and Values


The Team Builders Plus mission is to inspire and enable individuals and teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive work environment.


As the premier team and leadership development company, we empower and enable individuals to create a positive and productive work environment.


We are deeply committed to:

1. Adhering to the Team Builders Plus 24-Hour Rule in which we completely satisfy our customer’s needs and requests within one business day.

2. Delivering innovative, transformative, and memorable training and development services that generate organizational buzz.

3. Making our own passion for teamwork and leadership contagious to everyone we encounter.

4. Creating and sustaining a high-performance team environment for Team Builders Plus staff.

5. Supporting a work environment that is open and nurturing without biases based on differences of any kind.

6. Modeling all of the interpersonal and organizational skills that we teach our clients.